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Belle and Sebastian
Warfield Theater, San Francisco, USA, 9.9.01

My brother was the playground bully. Yeah, bully. Beat you up for your milk money bully. But he was my brother. And I loved him like a brother. It was so hard watching it all happen. It was so unfair: One day when a bunch of kids got together and jumped him in the park, I was there when he walked in the door. I got him some ice for his shiner before our folks got back from work. Shook my head a lot and when he said "I guess I kinda had this coming..."

I had to agree.

A lot of people who got beat up in school were there when Belle and Sebastian came to town. I really saw them. Finally. Never thought ever. And they were There...and singing.

Magpie. The Wrong Girl. The Boy With the Arab Strap.

All the ones I hoped they would they did. And when they started throwing roses out to the audience and singing the "If You're Going to San Francisco Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair" song We did.

It was as lovely as it should be. I'm surprised I can even remember.

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