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Spring Jester
Carnival EP

New pop-rock bands pop out of Bergen quite regularly it seems, though the quintet Spring Jester have been around for some 3 years (releasing a three-song EP called Awakening in 1999). And the band members have trodden their pop ad rock shoes in various bands over the years: Honeymoon Ruin (hey, I saw them live - even arranged the gig - many years ago), Sarina Nut Co., Mighty Pebbles and Blue Moon Dreams. Is Carnival a pop carnival?

Spring Jester play melodic pop-rock and they sound to be a very skilled and tight unit. First song, the catchy, up-tempo This Day is an atmospheric hit song, with great guitars; one airy-fuzzy, one "singing" - and with staccato rhythms. Singer Jan Lund Janson's got a fine and solid voice. His lyrics are of the personal, discreetly emotional kind. The music is credited to the two guitarists, Helge Erik Olaussen and Morten Foss, plus the whole band, which includes rhythm section; Markus Scholz (drums) and Morten Smørholm (bass).

Ceiling is calmer, laid-back, more pretensious, but nevertheless working quite OK. Another Side is a quiet ballad, and a comfortable one as well (mix R.E.M with Crowded House and your're somewhat near). Another Side is a tad to Pearl Jam-ish (yes, true, I don't like Pearl Jam - never did. Period.) for me, which means a bit too pretensious sounding. As a "secret bonus" comes a track called Unofficial, which is 'recorded live between sessions', and therefor rawer/rougher. Maybe more up the Posies vein.

So was this a carnival? Well, this EP has got colors, passion, catchiness, rhythms, melody. Yes it's a small carnival, and it makes me curious to hear some more from this band.

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