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Bodily Functions
Studio K7!

Pianist/keyboard player Matthew Herbert of London became a sampler addict at the beginning of the 90s, and since then he's been recording music of the electronic-acoustic type under various pseudonyms (Wishmountain, Radioboy, Doctor Rockit or simply Herbert). Herbert was a childhood musical genius, picking up piano and violin playing at the age of four. He was singing in a choir as well as playing in orchestras seven years old, and then keyboards in bands at age 13. Sod off you small guy formerly known as artist Prince.

Bodily Functions as Herbert is his 'house' boat. The music is strange and funny, but first of all interesting, toppped with the elegant voice of Dani Sicilianos. This is underwater music, or maybe music for floating in the sea. Jazz-folk-house hybridism, highly experimental. Indeed entertaining. Check It's Only, or Leave Me Now. Or, even better, check out the whole album. Some tracks are made for the dance floor, while others are for sitting down. Something sounds like a more "human" sounding Kraftwerk, before the jazz enters the room. Bodily Functions makes your body swirl and turn in all directions. You Saw It All could be the Residents fronted by Rupert Hine up the 'house' vein. About This Tine Each Day is a quiet, smoked, jazzy beauty. Addiction starts with the sound of breaking glass, but it turns into another dark beauty of a song. Addictive. This album is the most pecuilar album I've heard so far this year, as well as one of the most fascinating ones. Fragile, beautiful.

Matthew Herbert's fave quote is: 'Fail again, fail better' (Samuel Beckett). Seems like he's aiming for a neverending journey of falling down to get up.

Distribution in Norway: Tuba!

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