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The Aluminium Group
Symbiotic/Hefty Records

Out of the closet and into the living room, it's come a time for me to talk about my guilty pleasures. And for you to sit there and listen. And read your listen like a good good reader listens like a good reader. Did I say guilty? Well, maybe I used to feel a guilt. Over the pleasures derived from the wearing of the grooves out of the records of the recording artists I was too embarassed to admitting the listening to.

Andy Williams? You get the idea...

By now The Kitch of The Cocktail has emancipated all of the guilty. In an age when it is decidedly uncool to like what's hip and only hip to like what's uncool I'm nearly more confused than ever. Whatever. Now it's all okay. Okay to play your Vic Damone records as much as you want and loudly. Loud enough for your punk rock neighbors to knock and ask if this is the one with O Solo Mio on it.

Of course, The Aluminum Group are A-O-K among these (un)hipsters. I'm buying their records anyway and not sure really why I adore them so much. I dunno. I think that maybe it just reminds me of the thrill of loving something in secrecy. Something even my friends would fail to comprehend.

No one understands me.

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