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Ian Blurton
Adventures in the Kingdom of Blurtonia
Web of Sound

When Change of Heart broke up after more than a decade of making great music, frontman Ian Blurton turned his attention to the Canadian music scene that he so greatly influenced and help build. After spending the last year playing with Bionic, doing sound for Hayden, producing Tricky Woo, and working with Limblifter, Ian Blurton finally gets his own chance to shine once again. This past May he re-embraced his indie heritage by releasing Adventures in the Kingdom of Blurtonia.

To put it quite simply, this album is fucking amazing. So much so that after visiting the Kingdom of Blurtonia, you're not going to want to leave. From the opening notes of the spectacular lead off track, Never Less Than Perfect, whose title could be used to adequately sum up this album, to the closing track, Capital Mack this album manages to come full circle. It starts with a little rock and ends with some rock and along the way there is a little punk, a bit of pop, some samples, horns, and the occasional country-ish tune thrown in for good measure. All twelve songs on the album are stellar, but the opening tune, along with the slow The Privelege is Real, the rocking In Yer Own Bed, and the spacey Body vs. Brain rise above the rest.

This is indie rock at its best. Without a doubt Adventures in the Kingdom of Blurtonia is one of the best albums released in Canada this year. This album showcases way too much talent to go unheard so do yourself a huge favor and hunt it down. Forget Elvis, Ian Blurton is the king of Rock.

Blurton is currently showcasing his new material all over the country under the moniker Blurtonia along with ex-members of Dinner is Ruined, 13 Engines, and Taste of Joy. Check out their awesome, energetic live show if you get the chance to. You won't be disappointed.

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