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coverpic flag US - Texas - Luna Kafé - Full Moon 26 - 12/03/98

Philip Gayle
Yabyum Productions

First release by Mr. Gayle and his ten tentacled fingers, entrenched under frets, tracing and scraping new strung paths out on such things as 4, 5, 11, and 12 string guitars (to say nothing of the banjo and wobble-board that are strategically placed as well). While a track like Pustular Eruption might pluck and cluck like a rooster or duck, beaks between each nail, tail feathers fluttering out of listening ears, the next track (what language is this exactly?) features wobbly water slides and drowned bath-tub gurgles, all going on right next door to Mayo Thompson et al. at the Coconut Hotel. Gayle's over-dubbing of guitars might at times hint at what a trio of Derek Bailey, Eugene Chadbourne, and Hans Reichel might sound like after hefty huffs of Dust-Off, yet he still manages to create a hell of a racket and buzz inside of his own garbage bag.

Contact: yabyum productions, 1402 Richmond Ave. #102, Houston, TX 77006 USA

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