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Robert Pollard
Waved Out

Robert Pollard's latest record confirms that the fine line between his solo work and Guided By Voices is no more. In fact, since practically dictating the band, his solo work sounds as if it was a GBV record. No one's complaining of course. Waved Out continues where Mag Earwig or Not In My Air Force left off. Always short, always well written and of course, always catchy.

Pollard's not afraid of anything on his latest album. The tracks vary from minimalist recordings and instruments to full, loud, "if the Stones can do it, so can I" rock and roll tunes. If you like Pollard or Guided By Voices, Waved Out will having you humming all day to the point where you can't focus on anything. Including remembering to turn off the coffee pot, and that could be a disaster.

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