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Head Carrier

Hello, Pixies. I've been (one of) your biggest fan. For years. Years ago. I thought it was sad when you folded in 1993, after just four albums, or rather: four and a half, including Come On Pilgrim. All your four and a half albums are classics. Period. So, when you reformed (in 2004) and returned with new music in 2014 with Indie Cindy, I tried to be open minded, to stay positive. Indie Cindy wasn't too bad, but it wasn't too good either? Well, truth is: it was bad. Period.

So, two years on and another go, another platter. Head Carrier. And, well... it's not about Kim Deal leaving the band. Once more I tried to stay positive. Open minded. But.... Well, Head Carrier might be better than Indy Cidy. It is. But the new Pixies music is far, far away from the old Pixies music. The songs are not good enough, not cool enough. The energy, the wildness, the stamina, the otherness, the nerve, the craze, the power, the unpredictability, the clumsy charm, the everything - the it. RIP Pixies (1986-1993).

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