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Ludvig Moon
Sparks & Houses at Night
Riot Factory

The new single from Ludvig Moon is an 'old-fashioned' double A side single. Two tracks as side A (no flipside, no side B). Both tracks likewise important. Both equally valued, or measured. Two for the price of one, eh?

Ludvig Moon is a former quintet, now sextet(?) counting Anders Killerud, Ole Torstein Hovig, Herman Hulleberg, Kristofer Staxrud, Andreas Myrvold, and Lydia Popkema - I believe. Here at LK HQ we checked out their self-titled debut EP last year. "Sparks" kicks off with an energetic 'new wave' beat (making me recall something in-between a The Cure and a Joy Division song, or maybe newer 'new wave' such as Interpol) - but just for a few seconds, right. Musically, they make me think of Team Me (who originated in a smaller city more east of Ludvig Moon's hometown, Hamar). Anyway, only a few seconds runs before the catchy pop song unveils. It has a nice steam and pace before the song fades with the ebb of some synth waves. "Houses at Night" is a different type of song. Maybe not as immediate, but it's got a cool and melodic drive. Right now, I prefer the latter track. It might be the mood or the weather, and I guess which one I prefer might change after a while. However, both tracks are good, but "Houses at Night" is the gem this time. This single shows proof of Ludvig Moon being a band worth keeping an eye on. They perform indie pop with style. Earlier this year they launched a single, "Cult Baby", and in October lands their debut album. You'd better watch out for the Ludvig moon rising.

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