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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 246 - 09/16/16

The Monochrome Set
Tapete Records

Are you keen on merry pop-rock, twangy guitars, Farfisa sounding organ and vocals with a twinkle in the eye? Well, then this is for you. I haven't really listened thoroughly to any albums by The Set since Eligible Bachelors way back in 1982, with one of the coolest titles around, "The Great Barrier Riff". But the characteristics are still here. We had "Suddenly, Last Autumn" as an appetizer on our menu last full moon and here are more of the same calibre: the title track, "Put It On An Altar", "Fêlé", "Stick Your Hand Up If You're Louche" and not least "Lost In My Own Room, Dreaming" come rolling out like "Squirrel In A Hat". The only ballad here "Tigress" even indicates vocalist Bid might be a crooner of the Sinatra kind, if he so had wished. A most welcomed re-encounter!

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