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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 244 - 07/20/16

Jenny Hval
Female Vampire
Sacred Bones / Su Tissue

Jenny Hval is one of the toughest, coolest artists around Norway. She has integrity and some attitude for sure, she's got a song-writing talent, and she's got a great voice. Jenny Hval is in it for the big pop dramas, mainly wrapped in low-key gift boxes.

Her last album, Apocalypse, girl, which was launched a year ago, was a dramatic and fantastic journey. "Female Vampire" is the first single off her upcoming album, Blood Bitch - which is due out on September 30. And, well... mind you: this is a great teaser. "Female Vampire" goes for your throat, your neck without you knowing or being aware of it. The song circles you slowly and makes you become dazed and dizzy. As the description from Jenny Hval's website goes, "Female Vampire" 'is a hunting song, a scene in which a vampire looks for fresh blood on the dancefloor. This vampire is timeless, but also contemporary. She feels old, but is also struck by restlessness and boredom. She's tired of killing but can't help feeling bloodlust.' Jenny Hval is into Avant Garde pop music, as well as performance and dramatic theatre. For all this you had better check out the video for "Female Vampire", where Hval performs with her pack of vampires (featuring musicians Anja Lauvdal and Heiða Mobeck, both members of the now defunct (?) Your Headlights Are On and Broen). Where Apocalypse, girl followed its "mantra" 'Think big, girl, like a king, think king-size', Hval now thinks 'vampire-size'. "Female Vampire" is a spellbinding, simple and haunting song and it is an excellent teaser for the album to come. The song is running tiptoe through the dark night. This is the sound of pop silence. Vampire silence.

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