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Ebbot Lundberg & The Indigo Children
For The Ages To Come
Akashic Records

A Swedish present!

This is a goodie. Nothing more - nothing less! Big Swede Ebbot Lundberg has just turned 50 years old and is now out with his second solo album. Ebbot is the former singer/songwriter of Union Carbide Productions (1986-1993) and The Soundtrack of Our Lives (1995-2012). So he has a long and very pride musical history, and it does not end - it just gets better.

The new album, For The Ages To Come, might just turn out to be the best music this man has ever done! The musical references for this album is great music from the 1960s and the 1970s. Most of the songs are pure catchy pop, some a bit psychedelic, some pure Simon And Garfunkel, a dash Burt! And then, from out of the blue, guitars that make me think of Jimi Hendrix or maybe The Doors? If you know your musical history, you will listen to this album with a big smile.

The album starts with the title song "For The Ages To Come", and what a catchy start it is, being this album's most pure rock n' roll song. It's followed by the excellent pop song "Backdrop People". For me it's very hard to pick one song over the other; the whole album is just excellent. Ebbot ends the album (which has got a total of 10 tracks) with "To Be Continued"; a song so beautiful that it gives me tears in my eyes. I must mention that Ebbot's young backing band, The Indigo Children, do an excellent musical tribute to this album, which is also greatly produced. I've got only one advice for you: buy this CD. Ebbot will take you to the pop and rock heaven of the 1960s - 1970s. When that is said, For The Ages To Come can turn out to be the album of the year, 2016! A real goodie!

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