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Lexington Hotel
Riot Factory

Snøskred is a quartet based in Trondheim, Mid-Norway. Snøskred translates to 'Avalanche' in English, but Snøskred's music is not the sound of an avalanche. If so, this avalanche is of a gentle, soft, and quiet kind. The lavine patrol counts frontman Karl Klaseie and Lars Ove Fossheim (both on vocals, guitar), bass-player Martin Hvidsten Berger, and drummer Kyrre Laastad. In 2012, Snøskred launched their debut album, Whiteout, which was holding the singles "We Are" and "Come Closer". Late last year they presented a new single, "Puzzle" which was followed early this year by "Mirage". And, now, here's "Lexington Hotel" - the third taster from their brand new album, Empty House (released on February 19).

Snøskred have cited Pavement, Wilco, Talk Talk and Yo La Tengo to be among their musical influences. One might also mention Luna, The Black Heart Procession and a line of other acts probably 'mirroring', spiraling all the way back to The Velvet Underground - the mothership of all indie-rock. A number of international magazines were charmed by the band, including Mojo (UK) and Brooklyn Vegan (US), and UK's The Guardian said Snøskred are to serve 'drowsy, dreamy indiepop'. Both "Puzzle" and "Mirage" hold the same cool laidback-ness as created by Yo La Tengo. "Lexington Hotel" is also a somewhat YLT-ish song, but it is more like surfing a psychedelic, shoegaze wave. Their label, Riot Factory (the Trondheim based label's roster includes acts/bands like Dråpe, Einar Stray Orchestra, Ludvig Moon, Farao, Sunswitch, and Pelbo - the latter two are both feat. Kristoffer Lo. Former Riot Factory bands count Highasakite (another band with Lo in the line-up) and Bendik) calls the songs from Empty House to be 'subtle, slow burning and introverted tracks that pack a sly punch'. Well, "Lexington Hotel" is a comfortable, dazed, and a slow-but-steady moving song. It's blurred with a laid-back style and a relaxed vibe, as it unveils a somewhat diffuse story about a gangster shoot-out? Chicago's old Lexington Hotel was Capone's HQ back in the day (late 1920's/early 30's) when 'Chicago Typewriter' equalled the Thompson submachine gun, a.k.a. the Tommy gun. Anyway, "Lexington Hotel" is a long, swaying track of lazy-dazed guitar rock. A full album of this might be too much, but I'll better go check out Empty House before I can say so.

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