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Sweep Generators

Sorry, yet again we're a bit late with a Kvitnu release. Mauri's Sweep Generators was released some six months ago. Kvitnu tagged this one as something 'Weird. Nervous. Unstable.', and the label described the music of Mauri to be 'offbeat and tight shuffling rhythms with bizarre melodic patterns. Surreal psychedelic sonic tensions with some touch of a irritable post-industrial attitude. Rough uncomfortable songs for radical eccentric music lovers.' Here we go.

Mauricio Ibañez Sangés (a.k.a. DJ Mauri) is Mauri, and he's also part of the project Fluxus. As Mauri, he sweeps and cleans the dance-floor with the intense and frantic Sweep Generators. His style is slightly minimalistic, but his musical pieces feels/sounds broad and fat anyway, somehow. Like the opening bounce of "Datkon", and the swirling and loaded "Biosca". Mauri plays tough - and he succeeds. The wild spin and glow of "Okpho" - it's like the song is about go up in flmaes, to explode. It's intense and sparkling. I don't know if Mauri is a Catalan, but Biosca is also 'a small village in the province of Lleida of Catalonia'. Here's a track called "Freser". Well, Ribes de Freser is 'a municipality in the comarca of the Ripollés in Girona, Catalonia'. Then comes the track "Aitona", which is also 'a town in the comarca of Segrià in Catalonia'. And, speaking of Geography: Okpho (or Okpo) is a small town in the Tharrawaddy District, in the Bago Region of southern-central Burma. And, while we're 'in' Burma: The final track on Sweep Generators is called "Monyo", which 'is also a town/township' in the aforementioned Tharrawaddy District, Bago Region, Burma.

Sweep Generators was created/recorded at Xpeism studio in Gijón, on North-Western tip of Spain, just by Bay of Biscay. Hail Sweep Generators. It's not a smooth generator, but the music and sounds that it generates are truly cool and smart stuff. Go check out Mauri, the mensch machine. Play loud. And enjoy the playfulness. When listening to Sweep Generators I'm feeling eccentric, and proud of it. (Reference source:

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