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Everyone Is Wrong
Eight-Twelve / Domino Media Group

It's not every week/month/year I dig into som Swizz band/artist. Quite some years ago (back into the late 90s) I was charmed by the lo-fi, DIY indie-pop of Sportsguitar. Way before that, from my teenage years I recall discovering (well, it was nothing but a brief 'acquaintance'...) the metal of Krokus (during my metal years...). I never dug into the gothic extreme metal of Celtic Frost, though. I recall the new wave band Kleenex and/or Liliput (musically related to bands like The Raincoats) from the early 1980s, the playful and experimental electronic Yello (counting the eccentrics, Messrs Dieter Meier and Boris Blank), as well as the industrial and experimental The Young Gods. Well, over the years I've heard a Swizz record now and then (such as Favez back in the early 00s), but Luna Kafé's Switzerland back archive section is somewhat thin... I was about to mention Fennesz, but, ooops, ... Sorry, please forgive me! Christian Fennesz is from Austria...

Eight-Twelve is a rock act put in the bag of so-called (and almost impossible to file) '80s/90s indie rock' genre (known as 'college (radio) rock' in the USA). Like Eight-Twelve state, placing themselves '...somewhere between Weezer, Dinosaur Jr. and the early Nada Surf...'. You might throw in Buffalo Tom, The Afghan Whigs, and early Radiohead as well. The band continue: 'Guitar, Bass, Drums. Done (Almost). The band readily escapes the verse-chorus-verse format in organic jams inspired by Crazy Horse, Earthless et al.' Well, Eight-Twelve is a trio: Eric (on guitar and vocals), Dan (on bass and vocals), and Seb (on drums and vocals). Eighty-Twelve's debut album, Everyone Is Wrong came in mid-April, and it was guided by the singles "Rodeo" (released in March 2014) and the more recent "Mr. J" (and we all understand why they mentioned Dinosaur Jr., right). The album holds eight songs and all is composed, written, arranged, designed and produced by the Lausanne based band.

Eight-Twelve don't play innovative or new rock, but they're a charming band with a cool and kind attitude. They can both make a punchy steam, as well as a laid-back, thoughtful pace. If I was to pick a few of the songs, I'd say the catchy and driving "Drive Until..."; the swaying, almost bluesy closer "Highway Highland"; the cool, soft'n'rough "Mr. J" - which must be an ode/tribute to, well... J Mascis). I like their sound (the guitars) and spirit, even though they are not a fashionable act. maybe that's the reason why I enjoy this album. Like I said: here's nothing new, but Eight-Twelve are easy to like.

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