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The Star Department
This Ship Won't Sail
Hidden Shoal Recordings

Irish indie-pop duo The Star Department formed in Dublin in 2006. The Star Department are multi-instrumentalists Justin Commins (Kill Krinkle Club) and Michael Orange (Feather Beds, Soft Bones) and "This Ship Won't Sail" is a frist taster, being the first single lifted from their forthcoming album, The Pea Green Boat (due out in July).

"This Ship Won't Sail" is some 'inventive take on expansive down-tempo indie pop', according to their new label, Hidden Shoal. The Star Department put out their debut EP, Flickering Lights (on CableAttack!! Records) to critical acclaim the same year the band formed (the EP was mastered by the legenadry Kramer). Another EP/mini album, Auditions, was announced (and arrived), but then the band took a break. Before they now are back with an album. When Hidden Shoal use the phrase 'chiming guitar work of seminal Flying Nun outfits' to describe some of The Star Department's music, I'm all in for a taste! And, yes, here's some Flying Nun vibe in here (Sneaky Feelings, anyone?). Maybe also some of Radiohead's introvert pop from back in the day. Hidden Shoal also namedrop Psychedelic Fur's song "Sister Europe" (1980, from their self-titled debut album) and Deerhunter's more 'pop-leaning moments' to point towards some similar sound-mates.

I don't know about you, but The Star Department's "This Ship Won't Sail" makes me want to hear some more. I'll line up in July to check out some more of their tunes from the band who's label say 'charts a beguiling journey through gently psychedelic waters'. This is a most delicate song.

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