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About 40 minutes of Pleasure

Hmmm, interesting stuff on this tape. About 40 Minutes of Pleasure is a demo cassette, and it's a collection of short sketches of songs by young Buster, a.k.a. Kristian Lorentzen - quite lo-fi, quite unfinished, but yet showing some talent and ideas of songs that could be something more than sketches or fragments. This tape presents almost 30 titles, plus a joke! Well, some of the "songs" are just a few instrumental seconds, and three of the tracks - Female Q, Tonight, and One - are presented twice, in different takes.

Everything is written, sung, and played by Buster. Most of the time he plays an acoustic guitar, and in some songs he's put on some simple rhythms (made my hands and mouth). It sounds like most of the recordings are done in one take. His voice reminds me somehow of Finn Coren. I also associate a bit with Pumpkin-head Billy Corgan; both the vocals and the attitude in some of the songs (especially on Tonight, One and Feel). Which means there shouldn't be any problems with lack of ambitions, or what? Other references could be: Roddy Frame, Martin Stephenson, Brett Anderson, and related indieans. Even Waterboy Mike Scott comes to mind.

To name some fave pieces: Tonight, Cage, Just Like That, Ladyshave, Kiss Or Smile, Give The Dog A Bone and OK. It'll be exciting to see if there'll come some more serious releases from this guy. He's even got his own fan-club!

Buster's Fan Club, c/o Runar Olsen, 8120 Nygårdsjø (Gildeskål), Norway.
Or, you could write to Buster himself:
K. Lorentzen, Svend Foyn's Studentby (227), Ramdal, 3115 Tønsberg, Norway.

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