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Trigger Happy Fat Family EP
Tonehjulet Kräftpest

Punk rock combo Göttemia formed back in 2001 (in a small place called Eidsberg, some miles south-east of Oslo), but they're still preparing their first album proper. While we wait, the punk-gang launch an EP (mini album) entitled Trigger Happy Fat Family EP (12" vinyl) holding ten short, punchy and vibrant tracks. Clocking in at less than 18 minutes, all drenched in sweat.

The first time I heard Göttemia was with Tonehjulet Kräftpest's compilation I Don't Wanna Be A Part Of Your So Called Punk, and the band has put out several split-recordings/collaborations with other bands from the Tonehjulet Kräftpest collective, such as Freedumb, Lucky Malice, and Anti Poison Slammer. Göttemia have been through a couple of line-up changes but they are now: Laurits Mosseby (bass and vocals), Rolf Gjersdal (guitar and vocals), drummer Roy Arne Klemmetsrud, and new-comer (of December 2014) Ricky Julian Norum (synth and vocals). This EP presents a collection of brand new songs. Göttemia anno 2015.

The primal DIY punk thread goes throughout the music of Göttemia. This is scream-and-shout-out-loud, adrenaline-rush aggro-rock, or punch-drunk grunge-punk of the obnoxious kind. With traces all the way from the 70s Aussie garage-punk of Radio Birdman, via Sham 69 and Black Flag, up to Mudhoney's gentle slush-rock power-mania. Or maybe some twisted mixbag of the UK Subs, Butthole Surfers, The Vibrators, Snuff, the Jesus Lizard. An UK-US punk/hc 'mesh-up', that is. When listening through the EP you can imagine how this stamina and energy will double or triple when performed live from a stage. Trigger Happy... was produced/mixed/mastered by Simen Følstad Nilsen (of Anti Poison Slammer, Aiming for Enrike, Acres Wild) and it seems that Nilsen has managed to capture the 'live feel', or re-created the live energy when in studio. Yet, I guess Göttemia is ten times tougher live, where you can even see, sense and smell the sweat and steam from the performance. Nevertheless, this EP kicks butt, with songs like the blistering "Sourpuss", "Caligula" (well, "Scumbag" and "Caligula" is almost like one - with a total playing time of 1:32 !!), "Rise", the 'key track' "I Am The King", and "Dig In". This EP is for sure an energy blast. It's also crash course in anger managment rock'n'roll control. Anger isn't bad, as long as it's controlled. Controlled by Göttemia. The band kicked off a small European tour a week before Easter. If you got/get to see them, I'm sure they are able fight for their right to throw a party.

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