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coverpic flag Canada - Full Moon 228 - 04/04/15

Astrid Young
One Night at Giant Rock
Self-released, AY / Tangerine Music Canada

Neil Young's sister has a lengthy career of her own, and she hasn't fallen far from the apple tree. She follows her own path, much like her brother does. This album is a big, bold thing hardly the creation of a timid soul.

"Try This" is a swampy rock song with a strong lead vocal and a great saxophone part. It recalls the late, lamented band Morphine. "The Nerve" is a number with plenty of engery and sass, Young going country nicely. "Happy" is a dream of a song, slowly unfurling at a soft pace, it's one of the strongest songs here. The closing "Amy's Song" sees Young at her most eloquent, a soft song with a great chorus.

It's a good closer for a great album. She's well worth a listen.

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