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Ludvig Moon
Ludvig Moon EP
Riot Factory

Ludvig Moon is said to play something that can be tagged 'alternative pop', 'dream pop', 'indie noise pop', and 'shoegaze psych pop'. Or, as the band themselves define it they play 'kaleidoscopic indie-pop nostalgia with sparkling melodies and complex instrumentation... [their] songs channel a perfect blend of ramshackle and catchy extroverted charm.' They claim to have 'a soft spot for the grandiose and epic' With this in mind, they still hold on to some prudent and elegant awkwardness of introvert, yet extrovert shoegaze-pop.

The Trondheim (and Oslo) based label Riot Factory, with a roster including bands like Bendik, Highasakite (before they went over to Propeller Recordings), Einar Stray Orchestra, Dråpe, Pelbo, Therese Aune, Snøskred plus others. The four songs on Ludvig Moon EP (Ludvig Moon's debut record, released some months ago) appear as both catchy and shy. This is hovering, drifting pop music. Flying high and free, as a kite. Somehow, I come to think of The Flaming Lips, as well as a number of British bands of the 'shoegaze' pop genre (such as The Boo Radleys, a not so dazed Chapterhouse, a bit more faster Ride, or Slowdive played on 45rpm!). The starter "Uneasy" is quite easy to like. It is the sound of a slow, soft crush. I know that the band are inspired by and hail The Flaming Lips' The Soft Bulletin. "Swim Dream" sounds exactly like the title implies. Swimming in a dream, or swimming/floating and dreaming/sleeping at the same time, and the song sounds like some of The Flaming Lips' calmer pop songs, arranged by a tenderer Polyphonic Spree. The more rhythmical and 'wild' "Anywhere/Anything" makes me (sort of) think of more moderate Team Me, but only slightly. The closing "Rainer Marie" (inspired by the Bohemian-Austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke...?) calm down before taking off up in the air. On-board an elevated merry-go-round. Slowly. Safely. Once more. Before it all fades out.

Ludvig Moon EP is sunny, but not leaving you overheated and sweaty. The songs of Ludvig Moon stand out as sun dazed, shimmering and sparkling pop from the poppier shoegaze vein. With songs that open up and unveil multi-coloured flowers of the exquisite kind. Holding the most pleasant, sweet smells. It is for sure a fine selection of classic pop fragrances. Ludvig Moon take you to the sunny side of the moon and back.

The Riot Factory label (who are Arne, Jonny & Stian: Arne Slomann Johannesen, Jonny Hanger von Humstad and Stian Denstad) state: 'When we're not at home in Norway, we live in a castle in the Swiss Alps. We work with bands that make magic. Music that rebels against indifference. Sometimes we throw parties and make sure that there's enough cake for everyone...'. Come on join the party to have some cake! To quote Ludvig Moon's statement on their Facebook site yesterday: 'Now it's album time.' Yes, please!

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