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Rupert Wates
The Rank Outsiders Ball
Rupert Wates/Self-released

Rupert Wates has a long history releasing good albums in the folk genre and this album is no exception. The opening title track is a slow, descriptive song about a place where everyone can fit in. Wates' vocal suits the song perfectly. "The entertainer" is an amusing look at some seedy goings on, with a wry delivery from Wates and expert playing by his band. "Burlesque of Love" sounds suitably bawdy, at least lyrically. Musically it's rather calm and well delivered by all. It's not as influenced by Tom Waits as one might assume.

"Make Believe" is a dreamy, sad song with a suitable lyric. Wates' paints a sad, yet compelling tale of the need for escape. It's a great album.

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