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coverpic flag Sweden - Full Moon 225 - 01/05/15

Happy Boy
Slow Records

Svante Törngren, a.k.a. Slowman, has made an album reflecting the passage of time, and growing older. Opener "Time" is an Americana-flavored up-tempo song on that theme, and the lead vocal is strong. "Into Gold" is a reflective song with a very poetic lyric, the backing is solid and bluesy, and that makes for an intriguing contrast. The title song is a slow, undulating song that looks back at childhood with melancholy. "From a Happy Boy to a Man of Sorrow", Törngren sings sadly. "Where The Roses Grow" is a happier piece, Törngren singing to a slow tune. It's a travelogue done right.

It's a fine album all told.

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