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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 224 - 12/06/14

Billy Idol
Kings & Queens of the Underground
BFI Records / Kobalt Label Services

Billy Idol hardly needs an introduction by now. He's still going strong, and this album sees him doing his usual brand of retro rock with a huge amount of fun.

"Bitter Pill" opens the album, a song where idol and guitarist Steve Stevens rock out like always. "Postcards from the Past" (very apt title) echoes past Idol songs complete with a Stevens guitar solo straight from "Rebel Yell". It's a blast from the past all right. The title song is gloriously over the top, Idol singing of past punk rock days, name checking Johnny Rotten and Generation X and rebel yelling all over the place.

'We are still kings and queens of the underground' he hams magnificently, achieving a poignancy born of experience. "Whiskey and Pills" is a suitable closer, the rock myth given a solid trashing, and still being glamorized. It's a fun ride of an album, just like it's supposed to be.

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