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Joe Henry
The Invisible Hour
Ear Music

Joe Henry has had a long, distinguished career both as a singer and producer. His new effort is the work of a mature, but still relevant artist.

"Sparrow" is deceptively soft, yet carries a complex lyric and a melody that's very accomplished. "Sign" is a song about upbringing that reaches some dark places with Henry's usual finesse. It's delivered with conviction and a good rootsy sound. "Lead me on" features the velvet-voiced Lisa Hannigan and is a soft song with a tender mood. Their voices work wonderfully together.

"Slide" is a nice closer for such an accomplished and well-written album. Henry keeps it on the darker side, and is compelling with it. He's on of those people who keep making great albums without that much fanfare. Let's hope this one finds the audience it deserves.

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