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coverpic flag Sweden - Full Moon 219 - 07/12/14

David Josephson
A West Side Fabrication

David Josephson follows his debut Farväl tristesse with an equally fascinating album on a classic Swedish indie label. "När tiden blivit vårt hem" (when time has become our home) has a dreamy, thoughtful sound and an intriguing poetic lyric that's the singer's hallmark. "Moln på vift" (Clouds drifting) is a poppy, up beat song with a winning chorus, Josephson proving his skill at writing great songs again. "Kollwitz promenade" is a reflective song, delivered with the singer's usual flair and imagination. He has a way with these things. "Glömskans sang" (The song of forgetfulness) is a suitable closer, Josephson singing his usual poetic lyrics to a lovely backdrop. His voice is in fine form here. It's a wonderful album all told.

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