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The Future's Void
City Slang

Erika M Anderson aka EMA made quite a splash with her debut album Past Life martyred Saints. The follow-up takes its inspiration from William Gibson and looks to the future.

"Satellites" is a forward-facing tune about government surveillance, which is very of our time of course. Anderson's voice cracks as she sings of our limited privacy and what cost that takes. "So Blonde" is a grungy yet very poppy track that recalls Hole. Anderson's voice is all her own though. "Cthulhu" is more of synth track than anything she's ever done before and it's got a nice line in Lovecraft references here.

"Dead Celebrity" closes the forward yet very present-set album well. It's suitably crass about the way we treat such events, and yet it's also a lament. Anderson sings a funeral march for a very digital age. Her tunes about how science fiction has become reality and how the future's not what it used to be, are most intriguing.

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