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Owen Pallett
Song for Five & Six
Domino/Secret City

"Song for Five & Six" is lifted from Owen Pallett's forthcoming album In Conflict (due out before May fades). In fact it's the third teaser from the album, following the tracks "The Riverbed" and "On A Path" (the latter holding musical contribution from Brian Eno). The three of them have all been accompanied by videoes, with "Song for Five & Six" (directed by Jeff Scheven, who's done videos for TV On The Radio, his own project Lioness, as well as other Canadian acts such as Diamond Rings and Gentleman Reg) introducing dancers from Canada's National Ballet School. It's an elegant, gracious, and playful dance show, working very well as guidance to the song.

"Song for Five & Six" starts with a bubbling synth flow, and this bubbling feel keeps on throughout the song. Tip-toe pop music, epic and grandiose sound patterns, fitting perfect with ballett dancers in its video. Owen Pallett is a colourful and quite different singer/songwriter/musician. He's for sure an Artist, with a capital A. Owen Pallett is a born-again 'new romantic', who's exploring the dark side of pop as well. Like he's stated to Gaffa magazine: "The new album will probably address the manic mind. I have struggled with some mental problems, and instead of being scared and instead of seeking professional help, I have let it become a source of inspiration. Let there be pop. Pop with butterfly wings.

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