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Stace England and the Salt Kings
America, Illinois
Rank Outsider Records

Stace England and his Salt Kings follow an impressive line of records with a strong new offering. It reflects on a new somewhat hopeful time in American history.

"Asleep in America" is a song with reflective lyrics and a strong melody that recalls the Replacements a little. "Cairo Annie" is a song with a strong rhythm, that tells a tale of unique women and her struggles. England is good with songs like these. This bands brand of Americana feels true. "You're not from around here" is a song where Charlie Tabing takes over lead vocals, and he does a good job, it's a song of belonging and discrimination. The country backing is as well done as ever. "Eden" also sung by Tabing is a midpaced song with a powerful melody and a hint of hope through adversity. It's an acute portrayal of contemporary life. It's a strong album as ever by England and his band.

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