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Sea Change
Let's Dance
Music Glue

Since we've digged into Beck's new album this moonth, we'd better check out this Norwegian project named after Beck's 2002 album. Sea Change is the alter ego of Ellen A. W. Sunde, a Norwegian southerner who's now based in Berlin. Her influences span PJ Harvey, Arthur Russel, (fellow Norwegian artist) Sandra Kolstad, Fever Ray, Oren Ambarchi, Talk Talk, and her play field is 'lo-fi electronic, looping synth pop'. She's said to be "...born with an overnatural facination for tiny instruments, improvised music and synth pop." With some small doses of noise added. Her first single, "Bursting" was followed by "Let's Dance". Both released digitally and as vinyl singles (limited to 250 copies pressed of each).

"Sea Change has a strong nordic sound and vibe similar to and inspired by artists like Fever Ray, Lykke Li and Robyn" (New Kicks Booking). She's also been compared to the chill-vibe of Beach House. "Let's Dance" is somewhat dark and gloomy, but it's for sure a fascinating journey. It's tempting to tag it a 'synth-pop sinfonie der Grosstadt' (hence her Berlin base, even though the music video - directed by Sunde herself - hold takes from the streets of Oslo). "Let's Dance" (Rytmeklubben Remix) on the other hand, is quite bouncy and dancable. Sea Chaange's music is quite exciting and impressing. Sunde is a solo artist, but when performing live she's backed by Hilmar B. Larsen (from Bogus Blimp and Det är jäg som er Döden) and Jakob Jones (from the Oslo quintet While You Slept).

Sea Change's third single, "Bridges" will soon follow (to be released during the winter of 2014, which should be right now), while her debut album is due to come in the autumn. I'll recommend for you to check it out.

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