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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 215 - 03/16/14

Kristin Amarie
Notes From A Journey
Kristin Amarie / self-released

Norwegian singer Kristin Amarie has a rich sonic palette on her debut album. "First Light" is a wordless soft dirge that shows off Amarie's lovely vocals against a richly orchestrated backdrop. It recalls Enya but has its won distinctive flavor. "Prayers" is a reflective song with a slightly darker hue, Amarie soaring vocally.

Without you" is dreamy and has a very nice melody. David Lenz' piano brings a cool flavor to it as well. "Evening Bells" succeeds in being calming without verging into the saccharine, thanks to the great vocal and melody. Amarie has real talent and this album is a good proof of that.

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