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Vit Päls
Bättre hemma
Playground Music

The Malmö based (in the south of Sweden) folk-pop collective Vit Päls (English: White Fur) a charming team, and their last album, Nånstans ska man va (Pit Väls/Playground 2012) presented a nice handful of laidback, dazed and chilled pop music. In Sepetember last year they released their latest (their 5th?) album, Ägd (Playground), and here's a video single, "Bättre hemma" ('Better Off Home').

coverpicVit Päls have been around since 2004, when songwriter Carl Johan Lundgren formed the band. There's been a lot of heads, hands and feet in and out of the band, but for the moment they are a septet, I think. The band put out their self titled debut album (on Canarie Records) in 2008, before the digital only second album, Det har varit ett sjukt år (in English: 'It has been a sick year') in 2009. A year later third platter Nu var det i alla fall så (in English: Right now it was just like that; Make It Happen 2010) appeared, followed by Piren Soundtrack (2011), which was the score for the documentary film Piren (The Pier). The same year they recorded and released Studio Möllan Sessions (self-released), which was a CD EP/mini-album. Right now, Ägd (English: Owned) is still quite fresh.

The video for "Bättre hemma" is meant to be a homage to the film Weird Science (1985, director: John Hughes - the teen-flick slick-meister of the 80s, with a film CV counting Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Breakfast Club, Some Kind of Wonderful, Sixteen Candles, and Pretty in Pink). The video's protagonist fights loneliness, and tries to create and generate a human friend from his pimped and wired home computer tech devices. The song "Bättre hemma" is a Lambchop-styled piece, with a lazed trumpet and all. It's a cool track, with clever lyrics, and should be a good reason to check out the latest album.

"Bättre hemma" is written by Carl-Johan Lundgren, the video is directed and produced by Mikael Hall/Vidiotism.

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