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The Notwist
City Slang / Playground

The Acher bros. and co are finally back with a new album as Close To The Glass will appear on February 24th. It has been six years since the very, very fine The Devil, You + Me, and 12 years have passed since the outstanding Neon Golden. "Kong" is the title of the teaser from the new album. King "Kong"?

"Kong" (written by Markus and Michael Acher, along with Martin Gretschmann) is a driving, bouncy track, with a happy, simply irresistible melody and beat hooking you in. The whirl pooling beat drag you along - it is like fighting some undertow in a battle you cannot win. And: in a battle you don't want to win. The instrumentation is excellent, as always with The Notwist. This is a track bringing good moods, begging you to dance along to its beat. It is fresh sounding, vital, alive and kicking, with a heavy nod to the indie-pop of the 1990s. According to their label the lyrics of "Kong" is based on a story from when a young Markus and his family once were trapped in their home by a flood, and Markus dreamt about being saved by superheroes as the water rose. According to Markus, Kong is: "...a mixture of King Kong and Superman", swooping in to rescue a desperate young boy and his family from disaster. Happy ending, guaranteed.

Good to have you back, German friends. Looking forward to Close To The Glass.

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