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It's a label showdown!
Metronomicon Audio vs. Jester Records - Round 50
coverpic coverpic Various Artists: 5.0
  (2011 Metronomicon Audio: MEAU.0050.CD)
When: Whensday
  (2012 Jester Records TRICK050CD)

Welcome to round 50 in the label showdown series between Metronomicon Audio and Jester Records! Since we've more or less totally missed out on reviewing the output of these two great labels, we are going through their entire catalogues, matching the releases from each label consecutively against each other. Humorously counting goalsIt's a GOAL! and giving out yellowOooops, a yellow card! and redOooops, a red card! cards, soccer style - but first of all reviewing the music. For more introductory information on this label match, see round 1.

Match preview
5.0 is is presented in a nice mug!
coverpic coverpic

The When CD comes as a digipack CD with a booklet.

The match

Every 10th album from Metronomicon Audio is a compilation, consisting of new tracks not included on previous releases, mostly from their own artists, but not exclusively. Koppen & Center Of The Universe starts the show with "Kosmonauts", a nakedly arranged synth-based hip-hop tune with Russian words and Arabic tones. Hanny's "Can't" is also rap-infused in style, but rather fragile, nice and soft. Vernon Lenoir is a new name to me, his "Symeon Stylities" is semi-organic electronica, a small up-lifting instrumental with a synth (or sampled) trumpet taking the lead. Magnus Moriarty™'s "Distant Athletic Parts" is a nice little folky song with his typical bittersweet melodies, sparsely instrumented with mandolin (or banjo?), synths and whistlingIt's a GOAL!. Pilemil's "Back To 1010" is a short pop song with a few odd chord shifts and somewhat detached singing. S.L.Y.C. is this time Sara Cools with Ole Bjerkebakke on drums and Sissyfus on various instruments, and "Miniatures" is 7-minutes long song which transforms from mellow folk-pop to a repetetive exercise, almost krauty, like French duo Air jamming. Yoreyolk is a duo with Marius Schei Johansen on drums and Ambros Borgulfsen playing bass and guitars, and also singing I guess. Their "Eggs" is mellow indie with lightly skewed distorted but non-aggressive guitars. Japanese hip-hop experimentalists Satanicpornocultshop were also present on the 4.0 compilation, their "Tennojizoo (Kesalan Patharan Mix)" raps it up in styleIt's a GOAL!. I have no idea who Hans Ice is, but his "Hans Ice Phone Home" is rather cheesy synth-pop, somewhat cold in style, but humorous. Hotentot Apron is one of Satanicpornocultshop's aliases, and the instrumental "Coyote" is certainly more experimental than their previous track, a glitchy electro-noise mashup. Cyrano & Armageddon's "50 Cent" is perhaps an outtake from their 80's inspired Surfing USB synth-disco album, and could easily have been included there. Toshybot, aka Torstein Mwaniki Dyrnes, also present on the 3.0 sampler, and his "Super Nintendo Chalmers" is luckily calmer than the title perhaps implies, a naked synth-pop instrumental, also very 80's sounding. Easy, aka Jon Platou Selvig, joins Center Of The Universe for "Bospherus Coco Bryce High Energy Rewerk", sounding more "Super Nintendo" to me than the Toshybot track. Feather And Folly are also unknown to me, obviously a guitar strumming folk duo, judging from their lightly acid-folky "Emma's Island". Ending the 5.0 compilation is the Oslo "krautpop" group Radio 9, perhaps also a good label for their "Damo Suzuki Is Staying At My House", a 15-minute (!) long track. Repeating the same three-tones bass riff for that long is riskyIt's a GOAL!, but they manage to make it interesting enough if you're in the right mood, though not in the same league as the musically related Norwegian group Salvatore, which showed up on Center Of The Universe's Remixes/Remixed Ether Force Unit Seven release.

To sum it up: Another fine compilation from Metronomicon, on par with the last one.

When's Misshimmisshimmisshim... was a great return to pop-psych-form from collaborators Lars Pedersen and Haakon Ellingsen, so it was not a surprise to see them hook up for another album this soon. Opening the show is the title track, an a capella intro, very Beach Boys inspired, warm and vibrating. "Whensday Child" is a rather monotonous instrumental, grinding one chord for for almost six minutes, without too much happeningOooops, a yellow card!. "You And Me" is a fine and mellow tune with a shimmering and light arrangementIt's a GOAL!. The first of two 10-minutes long tracks, "The Pastoral (part 1-3)", is surprisingly calm for the first minutes, with lots of air around sparse string instruments. Halfway trough we're shifted into to the jungle, where wood percussion dominate while machines bursts of steam and a guitar interrupts with sounds of an electric whale or elephantIt's a GOAL!. "Walking in Circles" uses footstep rhythms for another mellow tune that at times sounds like an early 80's Phil Collins demoOooops, a yellow card!. "Sleeptalker" and ""The Other Side" are two of the more hummable tunes on the album, but sound like throwaways or sketches, I know they can do better than this. Another 10-minute long track is ending the album, the strangely titled "You Are Silent (a. on solitary snow b. R.I.P.)", probably pointing to the 2007 album You Are Silent. This is Lars Pedersen in experimental mode, stitching together a dark maelstrom of samples, loops, etc, cacophonous and slightly nightmarish, ending the album in a mood which is not present in any of the other tracks.

To sum it up: After the magnificent pop-psych of Misshimmisshimmisshim..., I'm sorry to say that Whensday feels like a somewhat directionless collection of outtakes and unfinished songs.

Match result: Metronomicon Audio 3 (It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!) - Jester Records 2 (Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!)

# Metronomicon Audio (MA) Jester Records (JR) MA JR
01 C.O.U.: Darklow Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL! Ulver: Themes From William ... Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL! 1 4
02 C.O.U.: Sellout EP It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a yellow card! Esperanza: Esperanza Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a red card! 2 1
03 C.O.U.: Bestboy Electric Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL! Arcturus: Disguised Masters It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a yellow card! 1 1
04 Cyrano & C.O.U.: s/t It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL! When: Psychedelic Wunderbaum Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a red card! 2 1
05 Täppas Strepens: Beans, Bacon ... Oooops, a red card!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL! Bogus Blimp: Men-Mic It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL! 2 4
06 Center of the Universe: Curious .. It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card! Ulver: Metamorphosis It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card! 2 1
07 C.O.U.: Taking a Nap With It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a red card!It's a GOAL! Ulver: Perdition City It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a red card!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL! 2 4
08 Täppas Strepens: The Future ... Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL! Bogus Blimp: cords. wires Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card! 3 3
09 Magnus Moriarty™: Drive Fast ... It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card! When: WriterCakeBox It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card! 3 5
10 Various Artists: 1.0 It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a red card!It's a GOAL! Star of Ash: iter.viator. It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a red card! 3 1
11 Now We've Got Members: Le Jardin It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL! Virus: Carheart It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card! 3 3
12 C.O.U.: Promotional Copy Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL! Ulver: Silences Teaches You ... It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card! 3 1
13 Magnus Moriarty™: ...And The Hippos... It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card! Origami Galaktika: Stjernevandring It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL! 3 4
14 Cyrano: You Sensualize My Soul Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a red card!Oooops, a red card!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL! When: The Lobster Boys It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a yellow card! 3 3
15 Koppen: Truckdriving Songs Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a red card!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a red card! Rotoscope: Great Curves Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card! 1 1
16 Täppas Strepens: Dance, Dance ... It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a yellow card! Ulver: Silencing the Singing It's a GOAL!Oooops, a red card!Oooops, a yellow card! 3 1
17 C.O.U.: Staying Up All Night ... Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a red card!Oooops, a red card! Kåre João: Captain Trips It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card! 1 1
18 Magnus Moriarty™: U R On A Radar It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL! Head Control System: Murder Nature It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card! 2 2
19 Now We've Got Members: Tiny ... It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a red card!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL! Single Unit: Family of Forces It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL! 5 3
20 Various Artists: 2.0 Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a red card!Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a yellow card! [unreleased] 1 0
21 Koppen: My Fashion Statement ... Oooops, a red card!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a red card!Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a red card!Oooops, a red card! Kåre João: Sideman It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card! 1 4
22 Täppas Strepens: The Great American ... It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a red card!It's a GOAL! Upland: Upland It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card! 4 1
23 Magnus Moriarty™: Sky-Fi Beatitude It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a red card! When: Sunshine Superhead It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card! 3 1
24 Cyrano: I Cannot Smell It It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a red card!Oooops, a red card! Ulver: Lyckantropen Theme It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL! 3 2
25 Hanny: Moderning Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL! Ulver: 1993-2003: 1st Decade ... Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a red card! 1 1
26 C.O.U.: Bellydance Nation It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a red card! Ulver: A Quick Fix Of Melancholy EP Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL! 2 2
27 Meta Forever: Astroid Antics It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a red card! 1349 Rykkinn: Brown Ring of Fury It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a red card! 4 2
28 Cyranq & Phil Emile: [sic] It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card! Kåre João: Sleepers It's a GOAL! 2 1
29 Ergo: Reclaim The Mall! It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL! Ulver: Teachings In Silence It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL! 2 2
30 Various Artists: 3.0 Oooops, a red card!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a red card!Oooops, a yellow card! Ulver: Svidd Neger Oooops, a red card!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL! 1 2
31 C.O.U./Magnus Moriarty™: Did U ... Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a red card!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a red card!Oooops, a yellow card! Origami Galaktika: Horisont It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a yellow card! 1 1
32 Koppen: Let's Eat Crazyroom ... It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a red card! When: Pearl-Harvest It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL! 1 3
33 Now We've Got Members: Then Is ... It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL! Ulver: Blood Inside It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a red card! 6 3
34 Truls & The Trees: AilanthusOooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a red card!Oooops, a red card! Kåre João: 2 It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL! 3 3
35 Lower Than Lo-Fi: No Need For Ladders Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL! Bogus Blimp: RdtrIt's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL! 3 4
36 C.O.U.: SimulacraIt's a GOAL!Oooops, a red card!Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a yellow card! When: WheneverOooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a yellow card! 1 1
37 Hanny: SceneityIt's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL! Upland: ObliteratedOooops, a red card!It's a GOAL! 3 1
38 Magnus Moriarty™: Perhaps Interior ...It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a red card! Anthony Curtis: Book Of The KeyOooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a red card! 2 2
39 Ergo: MountaineeringIt's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL! Espen Jørgensen: On the Great ...It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL! 3 5
40 Various Artists: 4.0It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL! When: Trippy HappyIt's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL! 3 3
41 Center of the Universe: ApokryfaIt's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL! Ulver: Shadows Of The SunIt's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a red card! 4 3
42 Center of the Universe: Remixes/RemixedIt's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a red card!Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL! When: You Are SilentIt's a GOAL!Oooops, a red card! 3 1
43 Koppen: Strømmen Gamelan CityIt's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL! Upland: Monochrome AdventuresIt's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL! 3 3
44 Pilemil: If You Make ...It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL! When: Sun RaIt's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL! 2 3
45 Now We've Got Members: Repulsive ...It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a yellow card! Nidingr: Wolf-FatherIt's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL! 3 3
46 Truls/Trees Vs. C.O.U.: Surfing USBIt's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL! Zweizz & Joey Hopkins: S/TIt's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL! 3 3
47 C.O.U.: Levitating DiskIt's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL! Ulver: Wars Of The RosesIt's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a red card! 4 3
48 Cyrano & Armageddon: Club Soda 2012It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL! When: Misshimmisshimmisshim...It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL! 5 5
49 Koppen: ObjectifiedIt's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a red card! Ulver: Childhood's EndIt's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card!Oooops, a red card!It's a GOAL! 2 2
50 Various Artists: 5.0It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL! When: WhensdayOooops, a yellow card!It's a GOAL!It's a GOAL!Oooops, a yellow card! 3 2
Total 127 118

Next match
Next head-to-head meeting is Magnus Moriarty™' Kodachromerockopera from Metronomicon Audio which is up against the brand new Ulver release Messe I.X-VI.X (due out on August 1st) from Jester Records.

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