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Jacqui Sutton and the Frontier Jazz Orchestra
Notes from the Frontier

Jacqui Sutton and her band pay homage to the great American songbook in unique style on this record. Sutton has a warm, relaxed tone in her voice and her band follows her lead expertly.

The much-covered "Summertime" gets a new life in a folksy rendition with a real jazz spirit to it. She calls her style 'frontier jazz' and that's as good a label as any. "Freed" is a Tracy Bonham song rendered with great sensitivity and originality that's a hallmark of this artist and her band. "Nature Boy" gets done as a tango, and Sutton sings it in Spanish and English to great effect. "Blue Mountain" is a lovely bluegrass song done just right, with Sutton and her band at their most expressive. It's a beautiful song on a stunning album.

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