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Liam Singer
Stranger I Know
Hidden Shoal Recordings

"Stranger I Know" is promoting Liam Singer's forthcoming album Arc Iris (due July 2013), following his acclaimed debut album, Dislocatia. "If the Bedroom Communities roster are the post-romantics, like Brahms and Rachmoninovs, of 21st century indie-acceptable classical music, then Liam Singer is the Erik Satie of the group, playing wildly conceptual music that never quite loses its emotional resonance". (Tome To The Weather Machine on Dislocatia)

Liam Singer's has also been tagged (by Beat Magazine) as "Somewhere between Sufjan Stevens, The Magnetic Fields and The Brandenburg Orchestra." "Stranger I Know" for sure is Sufjan-like. Singer is labelled a 'chamber-pop experimentalist', and this is proof of his skills in that direction. It's both out-reaching sweet and catchy as well as being shy and introvert. After listening to this song over and again some times, I really look forward to Arc Iris's release date. All thumbs up.

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