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Kowtow Popof
Tastes Like Armageddon
Wampus Multimedia

The world didn't end on December 21st 2012, but here's the soundtrack for the imaginary apocalypse anyway. In other words Kowtow Popof is back with a usually quirky collection of songs.

"Uncanny Valley" is a merry song with a nicely retro feel and suitably weird lyrics. "Time and Space" is a great party song for the imaginary end of times. It's soft and yet very celebratory in all the right ways. "Looking 4 Rock" is a powerful song with a strongly delivered lyric about just what the title implies. "Gadabout" is a dreamy song with a cool lyric that shows off Popof's great talent well.

So the world didn't end and this great soundtrack for end times can be listened to anyhow.

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