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coverpic flag Sweden - Full Moon 202 - 02/25/13

Hubbe Algovik
Ibland så
Hvidda Musik

Hubbe Algovik has a past in the disco group Catch in the eighties, many years later he returns with a rootsier, more earthy sound.

Opener "Den man älskar" (the one you love) is a sunny song about taking a chance on love and he sings it with conviction. "Ett vänligt godnatt" (A friendly goodnight) is a well-observed song about relationship woes with a catchy tune. The vocal is careful and honestly delivered. "Det spelar ingen roll" (It doesn't matter) is an earlier song revisited in a new setting that sounds brand new and appropriate.

"Om du är glad" (if you're happy) is a reflective song that Algovik and his band play with great dexterity. It's a very nice album all told.

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