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Yo La Tengo

Now as Sonic Youth are on a permanent (?) hold and R.E.M. called it a day a couple of years ago, it seems Yo La Tengo are the sole surviving kings of indie rock. They've motored on and on for soon to be 30 years, without a break, and they've never become boring or they never seem to fade. Despite the title of this, their 13th album.

Fade appears 4 years after their last platter, the highly popular, and very, very good Popular Songs. Yo La Tengo have been tagged "the quintessential critics' band", and they've got a most devoted fan following (myself included). Ever since Painful (1993) they've been working along with producer Roger Moutenot, but this time they've picked John McEntire (The Sea and Cake, Tortoise, and more) and his Soma Studios, Chicago, for the recording. Well, what can I say -- Yo La Tengo (almost) never take a wrong step. Fade shines, and rises like a star among their best albums, up there with: I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One (1997), And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out (2000), Painful (1993), I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass (2006), Electr-O-Pura (1995), and Popular Songs (2009).

Once again, hail to Ira, Georgia and James. They never seem to fail. In fact, they're getting better and better as years go by. This time go check the instant classic "Stupid Things", the cool opener "Ohm", "Paddle Forward", "Two Trains", or "Before We Run" and you'll see (well, hear), or take my word for it.

PS! The deluxe LP comes in a numbered edition with a bonus 7" featuring two exclusive covers; Todd Rundgren's "I Saw The Light" and Times New Viking's "Move To California". Even though they've done some cool covers over the years, I prefer their originals. There's also an additional bonus track (via MP3 download), an 11-minute jam - Yo La Tengo-style.

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