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Mercury / Black Out

Yes, finally Italians have a nice pop band to listen to: Soon! Scintille is their first album, after 2 years of nice experiences playing on stages in Milan and its environs, and an important Italian music festival: Arezzo wave, where every year new young bands come out.

England has Echobelly, Sleeper, Elastica Italy now has Soon, where our Odette Di Maio is respectively Sonya Aurora Madan, Louise Wiener, Justine Frischmann. Their key to success is simple: a female singer with a tender indie-voice, noisy guitars and catchy tunes, in a single word "POP"!

About songs, Scintille contains several good hits: Il fiume, Stasi, Settimane and Disordine are excellent, great arrangements with cool guitar riffs and easy-remembering mega-pop refrains. Lyrics are concise, short but essential sentences where Enrico and Odette (lyrics-writers) deal with their personal experiences and fantasies.

A final note about the title of the work: Scintille in Italian means "Sparks" (the cd's cover represent a light-bulb!) and Davide, in a recent interview, said this choice is related to their live performances, where Soon succed in expressing simply and directly their own emotions and a kind of virtual spark strikes between the band and the audience.

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