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Aiming for Enrike
Mao Miro
Tonehjulet Kräftpest

Behind the Aiming for Enrike moniker we find a duo; Simen Følstad Nilsen on guitar (including many pedals, plus looping equipment), and Tobias Ørnes on drums. The twosome are up for indeed experimental and alternative music, in the fields where rock meets noise. Mind you, they're capable of tearing down a mountain.

I had the pleasure of seeing them live a few weeks ago, and they both stood out as excellent musicians. Simen (also a member of Anti Poison Slammer) with his innovative style; a clean and clear guitar sound, effected/affected by a board of pedals, while he toss juggles his guitar escapades most elegantly with nifty loops. Tobias pounds raving rhythms, and shows amazing skills and technique. A minimal drum-kit, sticks all-over it in a wild tempo. Done in a most perfect combination of what's totally wild and perfectly tamed. Sheer brilliance. The two guys seem to be a perfect team, with no need of extra players. They can do any musical somersault or saltos; it seems they can always land on their feet. Well, at least they've got four feet ready for the landing...

Aiming for Enrike claim acts such as Battles and Melt Banana (of Japan), plus Hella and Deerhoof (of California) among bands to seek inspiration from, or relate to musically. Then there's the prog element, and Robert Fripp could/should possibly be mentioned as well. When listening to Mao Miro, I get a bit overwhelmed. Nearly one hour of such intense musical company feels almost like a long distance run, or nearly a half marathon. Entertaining and thrilling, but quite exhausting as well. Nevertheless, Mao Miro is indeed fresh and fruity, and I'm really keen for another gig. Stand out tracks: "Munchies", "Japan", "Super Happy Feelings Forever", "Grilled Cheese Sandwich", and "Battlezoo". Not to forget the mastodonish closing track, "Rockandroll", clocking in at 17 minutes 45 seconds! Or, is it just a short piece (1:16) gliding into a hidden track? With one of the longest, slowest build-up intros in rock. A grande finale.

This is really intense music. Proggy art-rock/math-rock/noise-rock/post-rock kicking, tearing and pulling - it'll definitely make you sweat. But, who's this Enrike guy?

And, again, Tonehjulet Kräftpest rules!

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