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Anti Poison Slammer
Tonehjulet Kräftpest

Anti Poison Slammer's debut EP holds six songs, and presents a powerful, energetic threesome. They like to play loud, to make noise, but they also unveil catchy pop melodies from behind the twisted and torn sound wrapping. Yet again it's an exciting record by the very cool label Tonehjulet Kräftpest. An, even better; this EP is a ten inch record - the coolest format of all - on red vinyl! Nice.

Anti Poison Slammer are: Simen Følstad Nilsen (also a member of Aiming for Enrike) on guitar and vocals, Anna Karine Brække (also with Garden and Lucky Malice) on bass and vocals, and Hans Uhre on drums. Note that a new drummer (Magnus?) has taken over the sticks after the making of this 10".

The EP kicks off with "Peaceful Rot", and it shows Anti Poison Slammer (APS) as a melodic and energetic indie-rock outfit, roaming the same back alleys as, say, Sonic Youth. Well, come to think of it... not really. It' quite hard to find bands/artists (maybe Versus, of NYC) to file APS along with, which is a good thing. Anyway, this first song has got its energy kept inside, sort of. Same goes with "Blow Me Over". The songs let go steam through effected guitar sounds - being "sweet'n'sour", sometimes atonal and noise-addicted, but also innovative - as well as through rhythms that are circling you, caressing you, and attacking you. "Let Me In" is a real sweet and semi-brutal pop song. Very cool.

"You and Him" opens side B, and peaks as a sudden favourite track. "Make Rook" is the first track with Simen on lead vocals. Or, rather, he and Anna Karine share the mic job. "Winning Song" closes the record, and makes this a 'winning' EP, by a 'winning' band I'd like to hear more songs from (yes, there are a couple more songs to find on the net; check out the brilliant "Micro" at Anti Poison Slammer's Myspace page, or "Fold The Curl" at Anti Poison Slammer's NRK Urørt page).

And, last but not least; check the coolest Norwegian indie/DIY label around: Tonehjulet Kräftpest tweeting somewhere near you!

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