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The Songs We Sing : Best of 2002-2012

Flunk have been making their electronica for more than ten years, and celebrate with an appealing best of. Anja Øyen Vister has an intriguing soft voice and the backing is always nicely wrought.

"On my Balcony" is a good example of their appeal; Vister's cool vocal undulating against a sophisticated backing. Their cover of New Order's "Blue Monday" has justly won much acclaim. It's a hushed and acoustic and puts their own stamp on the song. "Sit Down" is another great song, the band managing an intriguingly downbeat composition with plenty of grace.

"If We Kiss" is a sweet song, where Vister's vocals really shine. It vaguely echoes early Björk and is all the better for it. Flunk's fans might already have most of these songs, but it's a great introduction for new fans.

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