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Denison Witmer
The Ones Who Wait
Asthmatic Kitty

Denison Witmer has had an impressive career so far, making thoughtful music for a long time. His first release for a new label is as good as ever.

"Brooklyn With Your Highest Wall" is a dreamy hush of a song that allows him to show his mastery of the material. "Your Friend" sees Witmer at his most sensitive, a strong melody causally unfurling at a slow pace. His voice is replete with sadness as he laments things that have gone wrong in a relationship. "Every Passing Day" is a haunting and lovely track with Witmer at his best, slowly showing a complex arrangement of a brilliant song.

The closing "I Live in your Ghost" is a sad yet hopeful reflection on loss and mortality that he handles well. It's a superb album, one of the year's best.

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