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Sid Savant
Last Stop On Bimini Road
Drowning Witch Audio

Sid Savant (a.k.a. Steinar N. Kristoffersen) is creating his music on the dark side of the road. He's driving without holding the steering wheel, just to see where the journey takes him - and a map is the last thing he wants. Or, this is music from the dark side of the woods. He's riding bareback without holding the reins, just to see where he's taken - without controlling the tempo. This is music to be filed under industrial, progressive avant rock.

Last Stop On Bimini Road is the second album by Sid Savant, and it is the follow-up to Cripls from 2009. Savant describes his album as: 'Doomsday prophecies wrapped in colourful silk'. Quite a fitting tag, I'd say. This is tales of doom nicely wrapped. Opener "Industrial Indian Death Rattle" sort of sets the mood. This is high level drama rock. Sid Savant doesn't fear the heavily theatrical, he seems to love all exaggerated and excessively dramatic. Which is both good and bad. He's not willing to compromise. At all. Savant is an 'Artist'. Capital A. He's also a multi-instrumentalist, and he's done most of the album as a solo thing: drums, percussion, bass, guitars, keyboards, vocals. The only additional collaborators are one Camara (on vocals), and Mads "Madsenjammer" Madsen (on viola).

Even though I'm not into all his music (or this genre in general), I must admit Sid Savant is a pro, and he's created quite a total, a fulfilled album. To mention some songs shining through, I'd say "Fortress", "Fascist For Freedom", "Prelude To Some Very Bad Things", "Poetry, 1945", and "Hong Mengarian Nothingness". Sid Savant is for sure a free spirit. He's probably the one choosing the opposite direction or path of what's recommended or suggested.

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