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Electric Cables

Let there be Lightships. The captain steering the ship of summery pop songs is no other than singer, songwriter and bassist Gerard Love of Teenage Fanclub (TFC) fame and The Pastels semi fame. The 10 track Electric Cables was put out the 2nd of April, just in time for the sun to beam up spring. And, eventually, preparing for the summer to come.

TFC seem to be on a hold, even though they tour evenly (visiting Norway almost every year). Last year Norman Blake formed Jonny; a duo including Euros Childs (of Gorky's Zygotic Mynci). The Domino label, being long-time fans of TFC and Love, managed to talk him into doing a solo album. Yes, Lightships is Gerard Love's solo debut, but he wanted the project having a band's name. He landed on Lightships (he wanted "...a slightly blurry and imagined context..."), which is quite fitting for the music, and he recruited a crew of Glaswegian friends and players: guitarist Dave McGowan (a latter years associate/member of TFC), flutist Tom Crossley (of International Airport and The Pastels), bassist Bob Kildea (Belle & Sebastian), and drummer Brendan O'Hare (from the first incarnation of TFC). Quite a team, right, and the ship was ready to set sail.

Electric Cables is - no surprise - a laidback and tender collection of breezy, sun flavoured pop songs. "Sweetness In Her Spark" is an excellent song, simply being a sparkling sweet pop song. "Silver and Gold" sounds like vintage The Byrds-meet-TFC music. "Muddy Rivers" tip-toes around you, like it's dancing barefoot through the grass. You can use words as delicate, gentle, mild and perfectly honey coated to describe the music. Love's song writing is sparse and accurate - the arrangements, the performances, and the production likewise. The album ends with another highlight, "Sunlight To The Dawn". And the ship sails on, into sun dawn.

Electric Cables is not a classic album, but it's got a big heart, and I'm sure it'll grow over time. The label tags the songs as "...personal, eccentric and introspective...", and they for sure have some points. It's a very fine collection of Love songs.

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