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coverpic flag New Zealand - Full Moon 191 - 04/06/12

Sam Gray Singing
Songs About Humans
Raw Onion Records

Samuel Gray a.k.a. Sam Gray Singing has an affinity for what we might call postrock on this album. He has a loose approach to songwriting but with a great deal of discipline that echoes a jazz sound.

Opener "Scratches" oscillates between calm and chaos just like it was second nature. "January, Puerto de la Cruz" is a suitably calm moment delivered in a dreamy languid tone. Gray's vocal is another instrument in a gorgeous mix of styles. "Dineen" sees Gray give his frail tone to a suitably sensitive song. "Finale (Bigotry Cello Octet)" closes the album on a stunning note. Gray displays his classical training to the fullest and his fellow musicians add their talents well. It's a powerful moment to end on.

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