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Dan Rolls
Forever Hunted
Dan Rolls / self-released

Ballarat-based singer-songwriter Dan Rolls ventures beyond the standard singer-songwriter format by deploying several secret weapons: luscious 12-string guitar, droning eastern melodies, fantastic vocals, and propulsive djembe backing from Gez Clancy. It's a formidable arsenal for a duo, and one they deliver expertly in their live shows.

This nine-track affair, including two live tracks, features some great songs. In particular, single "Forever Hunted" packs more delicious melody into its four minutes than most songs you'll hear on the radio, while "The Wild Unknown" matches the scope of its title with eerie, chiming sonorities.

This is music of resonance and depth - and an extremely promising debut release. Looking forward to hearing where Dan and Gez venture next.

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