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bob hund
Harduingetmankandansatill? / iTunes/Spotify/WiMP, etc.

Harduingetmankandansatill? (translates: Youdon'thaveanythingdancable?) is (or... was, as it saw its "release" - all digital - in November) bob hund's return with a single, and a foretaste taken from the forthcoming album, Låter som miljarder (English: Sounds Like Billions), due mid-February. Which is less than year since their latest album, Det överexponerade gömstället. bob hund goes dance, or what!?

"Harduingetmankandansatill?" really makes me wonder. bob hund goes disco-funk-dance!? Well, it's danceable, but I'm a bit confused over the band's musical direction. If this is a new direction, or maybe just another tongue-in-cheek joke by the band?

Until the new album appears I quietly leave the dance floor.

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