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Se Trohia Me Apoklisi
Spiridoula/EMI ?

Though rarely discussed, Greek rock has produced a number of influential releases from a number of notable groups. One needs to remember Aphrodite's Child (featuring Vangelis), PLJ Band, Akritas etc. All these groups are well known and appreciated among the wordly collectors of progressive rock. But rarely the public's knowledge extends beyond the few groups mentioned. Yet, Greek rock includes a number of interesting groups that are not easily exportable due to the language barrier. (I know that the Northern European groups have faced the same language challenge as did the Italian groups of the 70's that released original splendid albums in Italian followed by horrible English versions...) One of the core Greek rock groups is Spyridoula.

Se Trohia Me Apoklisi - Greek concept album with some roots in the Rebetika (the songs of the 20's) structure and the rock of 60's / 70's, first made famous by Savopoulos. Spyridoula is a rock group in its 2nd or 3rd reincarnation. The original line up, still in the current realm of the Spyropoulos bros., has released two of Greek rock's most influential records (Flou and Nailon Defia kai Psofia Kefia). All the stuff on the current CD was written by Pavlos Vakatatsis, who contributes the vocals on one track (along with the excellent support vocals of Sophia Noiti). Musically the album is along the lines of nostalgic rock interspersed with ballads but the words are full of almost "noir" Aristophanian cynicism about life in Greece in the 50's, or thereabouts. One may enjoy the music but I wish that they had provided a translation in the CD booklet for all those that do not speak the language of poets and dramaturgists.

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