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coverpic flag Sweden - Full Moon 178 - 03/19/11

Mona Nylin

Mona Mylin has one hell of a voice and on this debut she uses it well. She works as a musician in Berlin and that experience seems to have affected her strongly. "The Berlin Song" is utterly gorgeous and her shiver-inducing voice is at its most affecting. The tune is simple and unadorned, but her talent shines through.

"Coming Back" sees her voice at its most expressive, set against an unrelenting rhythm. It's powerful musical statement. "Den vita staden" (The White City) is a rare track sung in Swedish and it's a poetic and sensitive song. As ever Nylin's vocal presence can carry anything. "Bigger Love" is replete with longing and an almost Janis Joplin-like vulnerability. Nylin is that good. She should have a bright future and this is a fabulous debut.

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